Star Wars d6 1st Edition Character Sheet

Star Wars d6 – 1st Edition Character Sheet

So I made this fillable character sheet for WEG Star Wars d6 Character Sheet (1st. edition). It can probably be improved but for now I just thought I’d release it. I’ll be using it myself for and upcoming game. 🙂

Get it here!

4 thoughts on “Star Wars d6 1st Edition Character Sheet”

  1. I like how you did up this type that you did. can you do one up where a person can also put age, Height, and weight as part of the character sheet.

  2. do more d6 forms of this sheet with age, weight, height, and the other stuff that went with the 1st Edition Character sheet. I would like to see a version of the Second edition as well.

    1. Not sure if I’ll ever make another version. I just write all the information needed in the description field – I like the more streamlined look and feel 🙂

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