Goblin arrows

We’ve just started playing Lost Mines of Phandelver and it’s a blast so far. It’s not our first venture into D&D 5th edition but I really liked the classic feel of the adventure and since I’m planning to run more 5e games it felt like a good place to start the group.

After reading the starter set rules and the adventure I’m blown away by how well the rules have been condensed to 30-something pages. If you’re a new player you should definitely get the set. If you’re a D&D veteran you should get it for the adventure and the nice box with a dragon on it.

The group consists of a half-troll monk with a tamed Broom of animated Attack for a weapon, a tiefling bard with a magical flute carved from the femur of a siren and a dwarven fighter with a skull so thick he can’t be killed.

This is going to be great!

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