Zombies!!! the game that never dies

Every few years we get the chance to revisit this game and every time we have a blast, discover new tactics and piss each other off all over again. Zombies!!! is the perfect example that less is more. Get to da choppa!

What is Zombies!!! the boardgame?

Zombies!!! is a horror-themed board game first published in 2001 by Twilight Creations, Inc. It’s a survival horror game where players attempt to escape a town overrun by zombies.

In Zombies!!!, players navigate through a modular game board, which represents the town, encountering various obstacles, events, and of course, zombies. The objective typically involves reaching a specific location, such as the helipad, or being the first to kill a certain number of zombies.

Players use cards to manipulate the game, such as laying down new map tiles, spawning zombies, or playing weapons and items to aid their survival. The game incorporates elements of luck and strategy, as players must decide when to fight zombies, when to run, and when to use their resources wisely.

The game has spawned numerous expansions, adding new scenarios, characters, and gameplay mechanics. It has gained popularity for its simple mechanics, thematic elements, and cooperative or competitive gameplay options, depending on the variant being played.

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