LOTFP – B/X character sheet

Here’s a LotFP B/X character sheet! I tried a much simpler approach this time around. When I ran Death Frost Doom I felt that the character sheet was bit too cramped and the players spend too much time looking at it.

So I made a B/X inspired version of the LotFP character sheet and it worked out very well – this time players would focus much more on their roleplaying rather than looking for answers on the character sheet.

There are several other version and designs hidden away somewhere. When I find them I will post them here as well.

Download it here (PDF)

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5 thoughts on “LOTFP – B/X character sheet”

  1. I love it! Straightforward and uncluttered design. Great stuff, thank you for sharing! I fully intend to use this in play for an LotFP campaign I’m prepping.

    I did spot a small typo: “LEVEL OF ENCUMBRANEC” should read “LEVEL OF ENCUMBRANCE”. Other than that, it’s perfect!

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