Loot the Body – Deep Carbon Observatory loot table

A D30 loot table for Deep Carbon Observatory.

I needed some cool magic items when I ran Deep Carbon Observatory to spice things up a bit and I had a player with a brand new D30 – so I made a list of 30 minor magic items and 30 mundane items.

They are weird and need some creativity to be super useful. Use the tables below or download a PDF 🙂

Sorry about potential typos!

D30 Minor Magic Items

1. 1d4 black candles (Creates darkness instead of light)
2. 1d4 candles (Their light casts no shadows)
3. Black heart shaped stone (pulsates when near spiders)
4. Black jerky (Suspiciousness looking white meat. 1 ration worth. 1d8 temporary Hit Points)
5. Black vial of perfume (Smells like death but grants bonus to reaction rolls vs evil creatures)
6. Blackened metal coin with spider sigil (Returns to owners pocket each sundown)
7. Crown of Thorns (Wearer takes 1d8 damage then heals 1d8 Hit Points once a day)
8. Expensive looking high quality bag (Everything placed inside is transported to the underdark somewhere)
9. Heavy stone (This meteor stone doubles it’s weight each day – It weighs 30 coins now)
10. Monocle (shows only black and white when looked through)
11. Mundane looking vial with clear liquid (Smells sweet. Heals 1d8 Hit Points)
12. Necklace of black elven ears (Bonus to listen under ground when worn)
13. Necklace with locket (contains a picture of the last person you killed or else a dearly departed)
14. Obsidian spider ring (Worth 10 gold pieces but attracts spiders)
15. Ornate lockpicks shaped like tentacles (+1 thieves’ tools)
16. Polished elven skull (Whispers lies at night)
17. Potion with a skull on the label (Save vs poison or enter a deathlike state until sundown)
18. Preserved giant spider brain (Eat to think and climb like a spider for 1 round per bite. Four bites worth of brain.)
19. Red iris eyeball (Rolls towards nearest fresh water if placed on the ground)
20. Red potion with a heart shaped label (Save vs poison or become immobile for 1d4 rounds)
21. Rusty ornate needle (Deals 1d4 damage and turns area black and numb for 1d6 days)
22. Sharp fake teeth (Pike teeth attack deals 1d8+str. Speaks chaotic when worn)
23. Shrivelled black finger (Wand: cold touch once a day. 1d8 cold damage . All classes)
24. Silver coin with a spider on one side – a skull on the other (Always lands spider up)
25. Small box containing two identical pins covered in dry blood (when worn in the flesh by two individuals they can speak together without words. Wearers take 1d4 damage each round when worn)
26. Small hip flask (fills with black blood each sundown)
27. Small locked box with spider ornaments (empty but temporarily removes magic effects on everything placed inside)
28. Small obsidian spider (Will switch pockets and can never be found where you placed it.)
29. Spool of 300 ft. of fine spider silk thread (Strong as a rope and very hard to cut.)
30. Vial with blue liquid (Imbibe to breath under water. Lasts until next sundown. One use.)

D30 Mundane Items

1. 1d20 arrowheads shaped like fish (Deals double damage against amphibians and water dwelling creatures. Breaks when used.)
2. 1d4 empty ornate vials
3. 1d4 wax candles (Smells horribly)
4. 1d6 eel-shaped fishhooks made of fishbone
5. 1d8 muddy gold pieces
6. 1d8 gold pieces with fish imagery (Worth 2 gold pieces each)
7. 1d8 iron spikes
8. Clay figure of a squid-faced being
9. Dagger made of dirty ice (melts in 1d4 hours – 5 GP if you can sell it in time though)
10. Fish jerky (1 ration – but smelly.)
11. Golden skull ring (Worth 10 gold pieces.)
12. Handkerchief with some wet greenish goo
13. Huge fishscale (Looks like a pike’s)
14. Iron ration (Save vs poison or vomit spiders. No nutritional value.)
15. Jar with black goo (Smells horribly but counts as 1 ration.)
16. Necklace made of crab claws (Worthless)
17. Pouch with seaweed seasoning
18. Pouch with weird black powder (Keep away from fire!)
19. Ring with spikes on the inside (Drow penis ring – looks used.)
20. Small black diary with a black spider sigil (Unintelligible scribbled writing in Drow)
21. Stinky crab meat ration (50% chance of food poisoning)
22. Vial with black squid ink (Smells fishy. Turns you on.)
23. Wooden cutlery (You’re guaranteed to get splinters.)
24. Snowglobe of Carrowmore (Worth 10 gold pieces if sold in Carrowmore.)
25. Unseasoned jellyfish jerky (No nutritional value. 1 ration if seasoned well.)
26. Turtleshell helmet (Latest fashion but no armor bonus.)
27. Large sack containing 1d6 small sacks
28. Rough uncut gem (Worth 100 gold pieces. Worth 500 if you get it cut.)
29. Box containing 1d20 cough drops (Tastes expired but works. Lemon flavored.)
30. Perfect cube of some unknown light weight metal – fits in your palm.

If you really want to …

30. Snuffbox with Purple Lotus Powder (as in LotFP Death Frost Doom.)

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  1. Love this table, thanks for sharing. Love those minor magic items with weird effects, so much better than a “+1 longsword”.

    • Thanks. In my experience minor magic items like these tend to make for some great roleplaying – so I couldn’t agree more 🙂

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