Into the Jungle

Random photos from our two sessions of Into the Jungle! We had a blast playing Pork Burger Hill from Night Yeast – even though the combat rules from Into the Odd took a bit getting used to (We’re still not sure if we like it or not).

The characters where rolled randomly and the character creation was fun and easy – the adventure is fast, deadly and weird!

My players where very cautious and took the hill with relative ease – no party kill unfortunately 🙂

If you want to GM it

One thing I learned from running Pork Burger Hill is that the GM should consider making the Vampires the bad guys instead of the Dark Elves – a few things would make a bit more sense that way – the whole blood ritual for example. Also remember to deal out lots of Stress Points and spice it up with random encounter from the rules!

And here’s a character sheet!

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